Automatic Vs Manual Screen Printing Machine

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In recent years, screen printing is becoming highly popular all around the world due to its simplicity, versatility, and cost-effective nature. There are many types of screen printing machines in the market of different brand and model. Among the available machines of the market, some are automatic and some are of a manual type. Each type has some exclusive features as well as some limitations. Choosing a particular one depends on some factors. This article aims at revealing the hidden sides of a manual or automatic screen printing press. Besides, their scope of use, features, and limitations will be discussed in the following sections.

Automatic Vs Manual Screen Printing Machine

Getting Familiar with Automatic and Manual Screen Printing Machine

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Manual Screen printing machines require total physical effort during printing. Lifting carousel, adjusting print heads, running the squeegees etc. need manual action. Of course, manual printing requires a lot of time to set up and printing operation. Whereas automatic screen printing press requires least manual action during the overall printing operation. Manual screen printers are suitable for small-scale printing operation, short-run printing operation. But, for high-level printing with a bulk volume of production requirement, automatic screen printing machine has no alternative.

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Challenges of Manual Screen Printing 

Labor Intensive

Manual screen printing press requires physical effort heavily. Getting a perfect end result of the design is dependent on the physical ability of the screen printing press operator. Ensuring it all the time is really challenging. Moreover, not only physical ability but also the experience and expertise are also important factors to ensure precise a screen printing operation.

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Speed Constraints

Manual screen printing is obviously slow in producing output. An automatic screen printing press is capable of producing 10 times finished product a day than a manual printing press. So, handling a bulk volume of production to meet a deadline is not suitable to be done by a manual machine with low printing speed.


For attaining the printing of a consistent nature manual printing press is not a good choice. 500 t-shirts of the same appearance may not be achieved by printing it with a manual screen printing press. Because, as the amount of applied pressure varies, printing output or appearance of the printed product will very definitely.

Incapable of Handling Large Orders

Manual screen printing machines are suitable for handling small orders. But, when a large order comes and a deadline for supplying the product is not so far then the manual printing press fails. But, the overhead cost for the operation of a manual screen printing machine is considerably lower than an automatic one. And for this reason, manual machines are still popular among companies to handle smaller orders.

Facilities of Printing with Manual Screen Printing Machine

Cost Saving

Though slow in printing operation manual screen printing press has some useful sides too. They are comparatively cheaper than automatic machines. For example, you may get a 4 color 1 station screen printing press at an astonishingly lower price of only $150.

Handling Small and Intermediate Volume of Work

A small start-up printing business requires a low volume of printing work. For this type of work, the manual screen printing machine is suitable to serve the purpose. For small workload and even intermediate level printing business manual printing press is still now a popular choice.

Space Saving

They need less space to assemble and operate. And, thus gives the user to set up the machine within very small space.

Limitations of Automatic Screen Printing Press


Price of an automatic screen printing machine is very higher than other screen printing equipment. An LTA-5060 automatic screen printing machine costs $30000-60000 per set which is very high for a beginner. But, it’s not a problem if you can manage a loan or have an option of leasing it to others. It helps in financing for the long run.

Uneconomic for Small Scale Job

Automatic machines are best suited for handling the bulk volume of the job. For small printing orders, it is not cost effective.

Space Consuming

It requires sufficient space to set up an automatic screen printing press. If you have a limitation of space to accommodate then this machine is not for you.

Facilities of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Printing

Automatic screen printing presses can print with least manpower for hours without any break. Where manual screen printing operation needs break time to time. They are very efficient in producing nice output.

Precise Printing

Manual screen printing operation cannot produce a 100% accurate printing while handling a large volume of printing order. Some deviation occurs due to manual operation. But, automatic screen printing equipment ensures the eradication of this fluctuation and a perfect and precise output of the design is ensured.

For Fast Production

Automatic screen printers assure of quick printing work. It is the prime condition of meeting a deadline. Manual printers are slow in operation and they can’t serve properly if the question of quick delivery of a lot of product arises. In this case, an automatic screen printing machine is a perfect choice. It is the best screen printing machine type for fast production.

Suitable for Big Size Project

Automatic screen printing machines are perfect for big size projects. With its fast production rate, precise operation, and least manpower requirement it established itself as self-dependent printing equipment in the world of the screen printing business.

Consistent Output

It has been mentioned earlier that, manual screen printers are incapable of producing output maintaining consistency. But, automatic screen printing machines can print with consistency. So, no appreciable difference is noticed in the printed products.


From the above discussion, a conclusion may be drawn mentioning that no particular type of screen printing machine is superior to others. In spite of being a primitive technique, the manual screen printing machine is still now popular among the people for its simplicity, cheap price, small-scale operation etc. It is the best screen printing machine for small business. On the other hand, though automatic screen printers are very costly, they are very effective for professional-level production and handling large orders. So, it is easy now for users to choose the best suitable type of screen printing machine for your business based on budget, mode of operation, intended level of production etc.

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