How to Create Vintage Looking screen Prints by Your Screen Printing Machine ?

If you want to print vintage-style screen prints by your screen printing machine, you must make a combination of different types of substrates, different inks and different types of graphics.

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If the design of a t-shirt doesn’t look well, nobody likes to use it for a long time. Everyone likes the comfortable screen printing. People prefer good lived in looking screen prints. The decent t-shirt analysis to be here to stay.

If you want to start a business about screen prints, you have to know how to produce decent screen prints. Creating a vintage print you have to obey three things-the suitable substrate, choosing the right ink, suitable graphics for artwork. Now I like to discuss some tips to print vintage printing by your screen printing press.

Using Suitable Substrates and suitable graphics to Create Vintage prints

Decent looking apparel needs to have a slushy, seems to look. It is difficult to get the real effect if you are printing a decent looking design on a crisp, update cotton shirt. When like substrates for your decent system prints.

Then you can create looking garments on 100 percent cotton choosing the right ink and right graphics. If the garment does not allow the method of the using ink and graphics it is not suitable for production. Otherwise, you have to use again another method to produce vintage screen prints.

Ink is Important for Vintage Prints

In the garments, you should use the soft link for decent prints.Without using soft ink you won’t get the result like your garments. If you want to use soft ink, traditional plastisol ink may be the first choice. To get that real effect you should keep the option for water-based inks, discharge inks, additives, and reducers.

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1.     To print lighter substrates you can use water-based inks. The color pigment sticks fast and firmly with the fabric when this ink cures. As a result, your screen printing machine gives soft print as output.

2.     If you are using 100% cotton garment, discharge ink is right for you to print softer artwork. You can design a color print though you are using less ink. Even it can wash away the t-shirts’ own pigment. As discharge inks don’t work for all t-shirts and colors, it let you determine which t-shirt and color or garment work with discharge ink.

3.    Softer or vintage prints are possible with plastisol ink if can you use soft hand additive with plastisol. But you have to keep in mind; it can make thinner or weaker the color. It won’t be a matter of concern as you are printing vintage look print. Because many screen printers use fades color to make the vintage print.

Distressing Graphic to Vintage Look Screen Prints

Now a day, Digital system is being used to produce the vintage effect directly. You can get instant vintage screen printing by distressing graphics. There are various vintage filters to create distressed looks. Some screen printing machine users like to distress their own screens using different materials over the design.

ng a filter or distressing a design. You need to be sure that the distorted image will not be printed. Small graphics are not perfect for distressing. On the other hand, bold and large graphics work well for distressing.

Final Things to Remember While Printing Vintage Looking Prints

You need to consider some other facts. A vintage look screen prints are printed for soft hand feel. These prints are without under-base. While you using under-base maintaining the registration is hard. As a screen printing machine user, you need to adjust the registration. While you trying to vintage look prints for the corporate or logo, you need to print a custom sample so that the logo and the color can’t deviate from the originals.

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