Automatic Vs Manual Screen Printing Machine

In recent years, screen printing is becoming highly popular all around the world due to its simplicity, versatility, and cost-effective nature. There are many types of screen printing machines in the market of different brand and model. Among the available machines of the market, some are automatic and some are of a manual type. Each type has some exclusive features as well as some limitations. Choosing a particular one depends on some factors. This article aims at revealing the hidden sides of a manual or automatic screen printing press. Besides, their scope of use, features, and limitations will be discussed in the following sections.

Automatic Vs Manual Screen Printing Machine

Getting Familiar with Automatic and Manual Screen Printing Machine

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Manual Screen printing machines require total physical effort during printing. Lifting carousel, adjusting print heads, running the squeegees etc. need manual action. Of course, manual printing requires a lot of time to set up and printing operation. Whereas automatic screen printing press requires least manual action during the overall printing operation. Manual screen printers are suitable for small-scale printing operation, short-run printing operation. But, for high-level printing with a bulk volume of production requirement, automatic screen printing machine has no alternative.

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Challenges of Manual Screen Printing 

Labor Intensive

Manual screen printing press requires physical effort heavily. Getting a perfect end result of the design is dependent on the physical ability of the screen printing press operator. Ensuring it all the time is really challenging. Moreover, not only physical ability but also the experience and expertise are also important factors to ensure precise a screen printing operation.

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Speed Constraints

Manual screen printing is obviously slow in producing output. An automatic screen printing press is capable of producing 10 times finished product a day than a manual printing press. So, handling a bulk volume of production to meet a deadline is not suitable to be done by a manual machine with low printing speed.


For attaining the printing of a consistent nature manual printing press is not a good choice. 500 t-shirts of the same appearance may not be achieved by printing it with a manual screen printing press. Because, as the amount of applied pressure varies, printing output or appearance of the printed product will very definitely.

Incapable of Handling Large Orders

Manual screen printing machines are suitable for handling small orders. But, when a large order comes and a deadline for supplying the product is not so far then the manual printing press fails. But, the overhead cost for the operation of a manual screen printing machine is considerably lower than an automatic one. And for this reason, manual machines are still popular among companies to handle smaller orders.

Facilities of Printing with Manual Screen Printing Machine

Cost Saving

Though slow in printing operation manual screen printing press has some useful sides too. They are comparatively cheaper than automatic machines. For example, you may get a 4 color 1 station screen printing press at an astonishingly lower price of only $150.

Handling Small and Intermediate Volume of Work

A small start-up printing business requires a low volume of printing work. For this type of work, the manual screen printing machine is suitable to serve the purpose. For small workload and even intermediate level printing business manual printing press is still now a popular choice.

Space Saving

They need less space to assemble and operate. And, thus gives the user to set up the machine within very small space.

Limitations of Automatic Screen Printing Press


Price of an automatic screen printing machine is very higher than other screen printing equipment. An LTA-5060 automatic screen printing machine costs $30000-60000 per set which is very high for a beginner. But, it’s not a problem if you can manage a loan or have an option of leasing it to others. It helps in financing for the long run.

Uneconomic for Small Scale Job

Automatic machines are best suited for handling the bulk volume of the job. For small printing orders, it is not cost effective.

Space Consuming

It requires sufficient space to set up an automatic screen printing press. If you have a limitation of space to accommodate then this machine is not for you.

Facilities of Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Printing

Automatic screen printing presses can print with least manpower for hours without any break. Where manual screen printing operation needs break time to time. They are very efficient in producing nice output.

Precise Printing

Manual screen printing operation cannot produce a 100% accurate printing while handling a large volume of printing order. Some deviation occurs due to manual operation. But, automatic screen printing equipment ensures the eradication of this fluctuation and a perfect and precise output of the design is ensured.

For Fast Production

Automatic screen printers assure of quick printing work. It is the prime condition of meeting a deadline. Manual printers are slow in operation and they can’t serve properly if the question of quick delivery of a lot of product arises. In this case, an automatic screen printing machine is a perfect choice. It is the best screen printing machine type for fast production.

Suitable for Big Size Project

Automatic screen printing machines are perfect for big size projects. With its fast production rate, precise operation, and least manpower requirement it established itself as self-dependent printing equipment in the world of the screen printing business.

Consistent Output

It has been mentioned earlier that, manual screen printers are incapable of producing output maintaining consistency. But, automatic screen printing machines can print with consistency. So, no appreciable difference is noticed in the printed products.


From the above discussion, a conclusion may be drawn mentioning that no particular type of screen printing machine is superior to others. In spite of being a primitive technique, the manual screen printing machine is still now popular among the people for its simplicity, cheap price, small-scale operation etc. It is the best screen printing machine for small business. On the other hand, though automatic screen printers are very costly, they are very effective for professional-level production and handling large orders. So, it is easy now for users to choose the best suitable type of screen printing machine for your business based on budget, mode of operation, intended level of production etc.

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Maxwolf Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 2 Station Double Spring T-shirt Press DIY

Source: Maxwolf Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 2 Station Double Spring T-shirt Press DIY

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Screen Printing press-Ordinary T-Shirts – Used For Screen Printing

Most of nowadays’ useful as well as celebrities have begun with little however harsh suggestions on their methods up to the ladder. Often points you most delight in can become such concepts. Is screen printing on ordinary t-shirts one of your pastimes? You can transform your hobby into a method of generating income as well as create your very own organization.

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There are two essential printing techniques: screen printing as well as warm transfer technique. The 2nd one is much more outspread; screen printing could prove much cheaper and also a lot easier. The opportunities abound, and it’s up to you to make your choice.

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The first befitting action would undoubtedly be using a screen and not get a screen printing press from the begin. When taking your plain t-shirt printing machine doesn’t have to be the priciest.

When you begin, it might take you some time making screens, however only till you get made use of to it. The process by which the printing machine functions is straightforward, as it is based on the slide carousel system.

Making these t-shirts could be incredibly cheap. The average rate of producing a single color T-shirt is 3 cents. Start building your leisure activity successful

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screen printing reviews.

Eight Supper Guides for T-shirt Screen Printing Machine Users

Eight Supper Guides for T-shirt Screen Printing Machine Users

A successful screen printing press user can easily print high-quality design as knows the top secrets like right object, right frame, right squeegee, right ink, proper curing, and proper dryer. He also knows how to apply emulsion and burn the image

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How to Create Vintage Looking screen Prints by Your Screen Printing Machine ?

If you want to print vintage-style screen prints by your screen printing machine, you must make a combination of different types of substrates, different inks and different types of graphics.

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If the design of a t-shirt doesn’t look well, nobody likes to use it for a long time. Everyone likes the comfortable screen printing. People prefer good lived in looking screen prints. The decent t-shirt analysis to be here to stay.

If you want to start a business about screen prints, you have to know how to produce decent screen prints. Creating a vintage print you have to obey three things-the suitable substrate, choosing the right ink, suitable graphics for artwork. Now I like to discuss some tips to print vintage printing by your screen printing press.

Using Suitable Substrates and suitable graphics to Create Vintage prints

Decent looking apparel needs to have a slushy, seems to look. It is difficult to get the real effect if you are printing a decent looking design on a crisp, update cotton shirt. When like substrates for your decent system prints.

Then you can create looking garments on 100 percent cotton choosing the right ink and right graphics. If the garment does not allow the method of the using ink and graphics it is not suitable for production. Otherwise, you have to use again another method to produce vintage screen prints.

Ink is Important for Vintage Prints

In the garments, you should use the soft link for decent prints.Without using soft ink you won’t get the result like your garments. If you want to use soft ink, traditional plastisol ink may be the first choice. To get that real effect you should keep the option for water-based inks, discharge inks, additives, and reducers.

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1.     To print lighter substrates you can use water-based inks. The color pigment sticks fast and firmly with the fabric when this ink cures. As a result, your screen printing machine gives soft print as output.

2.     If you are using 100% cotton garment, discharge ink is right for you to print softer artwork. You can design a color print though you are using less ink. Even it can wash away the t-shirts’ own pigment. As discharge inks don’t work for all t-shirts and colors, it let you determine which t-shirt and color or garment work with discharge ink.

3.    Softer or vintage prints are possible with plastisol ink if can you use soft hand additive with plastisol. But you have to keep in mind; it can make thinner or weaker the color. It won’t be a matter of concern as you are printing vintage look print. Because many screen printers use fades color to make the vintage print.

Distressing Graphic to Vintage Look Screen Prints

Now a day, Digital system is being used to produce the vintage effect directly. You can get instant vintage screen printing by distressing graphics. There are various vintage filters to create distressed looks. Some screen printing machine users like to distress their own screens using different materials over the design.

ng a filter or distressing a design. You need to be sure that the distorted image will not be printed. Small graphics are not perfect for distressing. On the other hand, bold and large graphics work well for distressing.

Final Things to Remember While Printing Vintage Looking Prints

You need to consider some other facts. A vintage look screen prints are printed for soft hand feel. These prints are without under-base. While you using under-base maintaining the registration is hard. As a screen printing machine user, you need to adjust the registration. While you trying to vintage look prints for the corporate or logo, you need to print a custom sample so that the logo and the color can’t deviate from the originals.

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Making Super Quality T-Shirt for Young women by Your T- Shirt Screen Printing Machine

To proceed with printing t-shirt for young ladies by your t-shirt printing machine you must consider some very important aspects relating to t-shirt for young ladies. Here is an ultimate guide while you making t-shirts for young women.

Young women are the cheeriest partner for the humbug young men. The young women are fully conscious about the attitude of these young boys. Nature gives the power to her young daughters to become attractive by using/ wearing garments and ornaments. During the prehistoric pied these women make them attractive to their boy partner by wearing leaves and buckle but nowadays with same attitude this conscious girl like to wear so many garments to make them beautiful and attractive particularly to their aspirating young men. Out of the total women’s dress t-shirt is one of the most attractive and chosen items for the modern young ladies.

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By nature young women like to become informal but free frank. A t-shirt through its real quality could easily make a woman informal and free frank, besides adding extra psychosexual beauty. A fine T-shirt can easily change an ordinary shaped woman physical structure into an attractive sexy body structure. As a result, wise businessmen prefer to engage their screen printing machine to print attractive T-Shirt for the young women.


Actually, color is the chief consideration for young beauties to choose their t-shirt. Young beauty queens like to net dreamy colorful web. She might not find her colored dream actually reaches to her life but all young beauty queens like to express their inner colored treasure practically expressed through colored garments. Women are too much sense to choose a particular color. As a result, you the entrepreneur with your t-shirt printing machine should take various colors to satisfy the dreamy demand of your emotional lady clients. Just plainly a nice color is not enough to satisfy your beauty queen clients. Often you are to combine different colors with attractive design. So, engage or take business service/ consultancy from the experts familiar with the design and color combination job of the t-shirt printing especially for the young women.

For the design with the color combination, fashion designers are the best-chosen person. It is better to engage woman designer as women could have more scope to realize the exact need and choice of the contemporary young ladies. With the proper color combination, a –shirt will make the lady attractive. On the other hand the design of the t-shirt will match with woman physical shape in such a way that the particular t- shirt can create a sexy and fair look at the woman. As a result, she will be the highest admired lady on the eye of her boyfriend.

Fabrics for the t-shirt of the young lady

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The fabric is not less important to make high-quality artwork by your t-shirt screen printing machine. Average women show more emphasis on color and design than quality fabric. But, you must consider the quality of the fabric. Ladies are nostalgic and like to preserve memories. She may like to preserve the t- shirt wears to meet her first dating or even she could preserve any spots caused due to a close physical relationship with her beloved. For preserve memorable t- shirt high-quality fabric is the best alternative.  On the other hand, almost all types of attractive color and design are exactly suitable for high-quality fabric. Fabric made of natural cotton is the best.

Young ladies could bear some completely personal matters and your t- shirt must take those to have a successful business. Suppose a young girl gets attend dating or a trip with her boy friend. At that event, she might need to put off her t- shirt instantly to enjoy close contact with her boy friend. In that case, you will be treated as an unpleasant entrepreneur if your product, the t-shirt doesn’t get ready to be put off quick and easy way. At the same manner, your product must possess the quality to wear easily as a young lady could like to put on the t-shirt in a very short moment. And a quality fabric could ensure this matter, easy to wear and put off.

Occasional or festival t-shirt:

You can keep your T- shirt screen printing machine engages to print Christmas day t-shirts for festival or occasion. There are so many occasions like new years day, Christmas day etc. Young ladies are the most favorable clients for festival market. But keep in mind that young ladies are highly sensitive in choosing their festival dress. You need to long time preparation and professional/ experts suggestion to satisfy young lady clients with your t- shirt printed for the festival.

Young ladies often like to buy T –shirts for others:

Lady may visit market not for but for her kid, beloved, friends, and parents. And with her tide budget t-shirt is the best suitable one. So, as a t- shirt screen printing machine owner you should advance to combine young lady’s choice with the favor of particular age group. Suppose, a young lady needs to buy for her dad and mom, naturally aged person, then the case is that your t- shirt should be adjustable with the emotional mentality of the young lady and exact dress pattern/color/design suitable for an aged person.

High quality for printing and overall making:

Young lady never tolerates single/mere fault on the t- shirt. They are too critical to examine before purchasing. So, you must arrange all the materials machine, spares, tools related to your t- shirt printing maintaining proper quality.

Lastly, we can say that young ladies are the most favorable clients for your T- shirt screen printing business. To achieve success or to collect money from their designed purse you must be an artistic printer with your t- shirt screen printing machine.

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